Chad Michael Studio – Dagger & Co identity

Chad Michael is an ambitious designer who only takes on projects he can be passionate about. He has received numerous accolades including the communication arts award of excellence, features in applied arts magazine, and over a dozen published logos in Gestalten Publishers ‘Los Logos’ books. Chad Michael graduated with a variety honors & awards from … Continue reading Chad Michael Studio – Dagger & Co identity

Bravo – Sopra identity

Sopra Cucina & Bar is an Italian restaurant from Jakarta, Indonesia. Located in a corner of the busy shopping district of Orchard Road along side various night entertainment establishments, Bravo were tasked to create an identity that would stand out amongst the neighbouring night lights. Finding inspiration in the dazzle of old Italian cinema, the new … Continue reading Bravo – Sopra identity

End Of Work – Bib & Tucker Identity

Bib & Tucker are an independent, creatively-driven design consultancy that creates strong and engaging relationships between companies and their customers. It’s their belief that brilliant ideas are the lifeblood of successful businesses. As a result, they are in constant pursuit of solutions that distinguish brands in the marketplace, enhance value and change the way people … Continue reading End Of Work – Bib & Tucker Identity

Ptmark – Chop Shop Identity

Ptarmak is an Austin, Texas-based designery that collaborates intensively with a handful of clients each year. They’re formed from a collection of behavioral analysts & cultural contributors who craft brands, design packaging, move graphics, and make things with all their heads, hands, & hearts. Find out more here.

Hovard Design – Hudson Made

Hudson Made packaging references a time in history when every item was individually boxed and packed by hand upon production. The incorporation of traditional printing and letterpress typography on sustainable papers and substrates creates a valued presentation to the goods. All of Hudson Made’s packaging is manufactured locally and meticulously selected for a truly regional … Continue reading Hovard Design – Hudson Made